Rachel Goodison

Rachel Goodison’s work includes installations, sculpture, paintings and works on paper. Her materials tend to incorporate the ‘everyday’ and familiar: from discarded textiles and yarn, dried food and sweets, to excess packaging and found objects. She explores the parallels between the human and natural worlds, seeking shared patterns and shapes to emphasise that we are essentially all part of the same matter. In particular, she is interested in the largely ‘unseen’ wonder of the insect world. Her intention is to engage viewers in a celebration of their complexity and beauty, while reminding us of our destructive impact on their, and ultimately our own survival.

She is presently Artist in Residence at Brompton Chapel, London where she is creating a series of site-specific installations exploring these themes within a spiritual setting, to reflect ideas of community and hope, and the strength of human creativity in adversity - we are capable of great things but our focus tends towards destructive elements rather than reparation.